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It’s Bryan Cole’s fantasy to be brought to a bar and used by a party full of horny guys, so that’s exactly what we give him. He’s brought in bound and blindfolded as the crowd flocks to his cut abs and chest. He starts getting dude’s cocks out and stroking them then we make him suck them off. Adam Herst manhandles him in front of the horny onlookers and gets a row of perfect asses for Bryan to go to town on. They flip him over, tie him to the bar, and fuck his ass until he’s covered in cum. Since he’s so filthy they drag him into the bathroom and piss all over him with his face in the trough.

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Mike Martin takes Trent Diesel into a crowded bar on a hot night here in San Francisco. Blindfolded and bound, Trent is wearing nothing but a jock and everyone is stroking him. Random people suck on his raging hard cock. They beat the famous stud and treat him like a sex object. One stranger blows his load on Trent’s face. Mike puts Trent in the stockade and fucks him with his giant cock. Trent is tied up to the human centipede on the bar as the crowd gropes him. They use electricity on his nipples and balls. Everyone takes turn fucking and cumming on the muscle stud.

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Against his will, hot stud Dominic Pacifico is dragged off to a warehouse by his muscled dom Spencer Reed. Roughed up, Dominic is made to suck Spencer’s huge cock as more men enter the warehouse. Before Dominic can scream for help all hell breaks lose. They lock him up in the cage like an animal and piss all over him. Spencer drags him around to service strangers’ cocks. They all laugh as he gets suspended in mid-air and flogged without mercy. Dominic endures a gang bang while being bound to the bed. He swallows loads after loads of cum. Dominic is completely destroyed.

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Just like a bronze statue, muscled bodybuilder Draven Novarro stands in attention, helplessly bound, each inch of his huge muscles restrained and in the mercy of Mr. Keys. A blindfold face masks Draven’s eyes, keeping the particular bound god in expectation for the blow that their master provides. Sebastian functions over his slave, ripping away his jock in order to reveal the thick bit of meat hanging between the particular body builder’s tree trunk area thighs. Draven endures the particular heavy blows of Mr. Keys’ fist before sampling his leather flogger because it beats his muscled ass red, the warmness radiating off of Draven’s godly ass, all whilst excruciating forceps clamp their nipples and balls. Yet that’s just the starting for the muscled slave… Bent over, Draven’s hairless hole is exposed with regard to his master’s torment because an electrifying violet wand penetrates the slaves opening. Surges of electricity dancing around the bound god’s tight ass while their moans fill the dungeon. Strung up like the piece of meat, Draven hangs in suspension along with a gas mask limiting his breathing as Mr. Keys plunges his dick deep into his slave’s ass. Following a ravenous bang in mid-air, Draven’s face mask is removed in order to get a mouthful associated with their master’s delicious sperm prior to he’s left helplessly hanging in his bondage for the next learn of the home in order to enjoy.