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Chris Harder is having a rough day — separated from his hiking pack and low on water, he wanders through the woods hoping to find someone, anyone who could help him. But things are only going to get harder for Chris. He takes a fall and passes out in the middle of the woods and is found, unconscious, by wilderness survivalist Christian Wilde who has already been hiding out in in a bad neighborhood to escape government monitoring. Christian doesn’t know exactly what pretty boy Chris will be doing in this backyard, but he sure will find out. Chris awakens associated with a tree, dealing with interrogation by an unfamiliar and angry man. Frenzied to get free, Bob reiterates he’s only a dropped hiker who doesn’t understand anything, but Christian is not convinced. He slaps plus flogs Chris throughout their stomach and chest. This individual takes Chris’ cock away and begins to heart stroke, suck, and bite this. He pulls hard upon Chris’ balls, stretching all of them so far as they’ll go. In order to his surprise, Chris’ dick gets rock hard right after being beaten and manhandled. Maybe approximately pleasure plus pain, Chris will begin talking. Christian waterboards Bob and alternates between producing him choke on drinking water and making him choke on his beautiful large cock. Chris pants with regard to air in between plus all the while their cock stays hard. Given that Chris isn’t talking, Alfredia decides it’s time in order to gag this little piggy. Now all Chris may do is moan close to his gag as Alfredia fucks his tight asshole. Christian pounds that starving hole as Chris squirms and struggles in bondage. Finally, Christian pumps Chris’ cock and lets Chris cum all over himself, before gathering his slop and feeding it to Chris. Christian’s thrusts intensify as he gets ready to be able to cum, and blows his / her load across Chris’ penis and ass. Chris feeds on Christian’s cum greedily in addition to is relieved that demo is over. But Orlando isn’t going to permit Chris go just but. It looks like Philip will be stuck inside wild country for several time.