No Escape for him

Simply no Escape
Hot boy across the street is cleaning Mr. Colter’s spa, assuming he’s alone until he notices that will eery feeling that if you’re being watched… All heck breaks loose when Mister. Colter locks all the particular doors from inside, removing any kind of chance for Kyler’s get away. Jessie tears away the particular boy’s shirt and gags his mouth so simply no one can hear their cries for help. Not able to resist Mr. Colter’s perversions, Kyler’s brought correct to the point associated with cumming before having their giant cock and tennis balls tormented. When Kyler chooses to fight back plus spit in Jessie’s encounter, the muscled perv chooses to teach Kyler whoms in charge by pulling him into the health spa and repeatedly dunking their head under water. Certain to a pool desk, with rope blinding their sight, Kyler gags upon Mr. Colter’s hard dick as a leather flogger whips his bare butt. Jessie has a turn at the boy’s front, his hard cock dangling between his legs as hot wax is poured all over his body. A spider gag pries Kyler’s mouth open as Mr. Colter finally gets a piece of that tight ass. He pounds away mercilessly as Kyler moans at the top of his lungs. A shower of cum drenches Kyler’s face before Jessie milks every last drop out of his fucktoy’s aching balls.


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