Inmate D.Arclyte Captures Correctional Officer, Nate Grimes

Posted by Dominator at August 22, 2018

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D.Arclyte is doing hard time with a hard-on in his one-man cell on Cell Block 3. Laying on his bunk, he thumbs through a dirty magazine stroking his cock when suddenly he’s caught by Correctional Officer Nate Grimes. Refusing to give up the contraband, D. and Nate have a tug-of-war for the dirty magazine. D. grabs the officer’s wrist twisting it into submission and gets both hands cuffed to the bars, both boots tied to the bars with rope, and gets a bit-gag stuffed in his mouth so the other inmates and guards cant hear his cries for help. D. removes all of Nate’s clothes, cutting his underwear off last, revealing Nate’s big hard cock. D. slaps and punches Nate’s chest and thighs and takes his dick deep down his throat

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Inmate D.Arclyte Captures Correctional Officer, Nate Grimes

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