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Welcome back to Trenton Ducati’s BDSM Dungeon. This leather clad muscle god is ready to punish his slaves. His black boots demand worshipping and his riding crop is ready to deliver the torment. Straight stud Mason Lear with his hairy chest and full beard is ready to serve his master. His tight jeans come off to reveal his tight ass and cock, ready for inspection by Trenton Ducati and his crop for corporal punishment. Mason’s muscular chest, thighs, and ass take a beating soo hard they turn red, while his cock gets thicker and harder. This pain slut begs for more. Now Mason’s cock is at full upright attention and is begging for torment and cock punishment. Trenton knows how to deliver a brutal beating to Mason’s thick cock. Now it’s time to pay respect to the muscle god

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Leather God Trenton Ducati Dominates & Destroys Straight Stud

Posted by Dominator at 21 August 2018

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Just like a bronze statue, muscled bodybuilder Draven Novarro stands in attention, helplessly bound, each inch of his huge muscles restrained and in the mercy of Mr. Keys. A blindfold face masks Draven’s eyes, keeping the particular bound god in expectation for the blow that their master provides. Sebastian functions over his slave, ripping away his jock in order to reveal the thick bit of meat hanging between the particular body builder’s tree trunk area thighs. Draven endures the particular heavy blows of Mr. Keys’ fist before sampling his leather flogger because it beats his muscled ass red, the warmness radiating off of Draven’s godly ass, all whilst excruciating forceps clamp their nipples and balls. Yet that’s just the starting for the muscled slave… Bent over, Draven’s hairless hole is exposed with regard to his master’s torment because an electrifying violet wand penetrates the slaves opening. Surges of electricity dancing around the bound god’s tight ass while their moans fill the dungeon. Strung up like the piece of meat, Draven hangs in suspension along with a gas mask limiting his breathing as Mr. Keys plunges his dick deep into his slave’s ass. Following a ravenous bang in mid-air, Draven’s face mask is removed in order to get a mouthful associated with their master’s delicious sperm prior to he’s left helplessly hanging in his bondage for the next learn of the home in order to enjoy.



Posted by Dominator at 28 March 2018

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Street Meat: Back Alley Bondage

Feeling horny on a hot night, Jay Austin leans his back against a wall in a dirty alley somewhere downtown, rubbing his cock through jean shorts, cruising for guys. He unzips his fly and pulls his cock out of his underwear and jerks it until its hard. Muscle-stud, Myles Landon happens to walk by and stops to watch Jay play with his cock and starts rubbing his own. Without exchanging any words, Myles grabs Jay’s cock, kisses him deeply, and drops to his knees to suck his cock. Myles punches Jay’s chest and stretches his balls while he blows him. Myles then takes his own leather belt off and starts spanking Jay’s ass with it while he makes him lick his sweaty armpits. Next Myles whips out his big dick and Jay immediately goes to town on it, trying hard to fit every inch down his throat. Myles thoroughly fucks his face then pulls out some rope from his backpack. Next, Myles ties Jay to the alley’s wall in rope bondage, standing with his arms above his head with his ass popped out.

Coaching Day – Dom within training gets to crack in a ripped, brand new slave

Training day will be upon us at Certain Gods and not just can we have a brand new muscle sub, Pierce Hartman, but house dom Jaxton Wheeler has his protege, Lance Hart by their side to assist break within the new boy. Right after educating their new bass speaker on proper etiquette, Jaxton uses Pierce’s mouth to exhibit Mr. Hart the dental portion of their coaching. Lance jams his difficult cock down his slave’s mouth, looking down upon the boy’s hungry eye as he swallows this to the hilt. Following begins the ass coaching; sliding up and straight down on a huge monster cock, Pierce must withstand a brutal flogging through all directions as Mister. Hart learns the method of the whip. The particular muscled slave licks the particular juices off the Poor Dragon dildo before he is blindfolded, bound in string as he’s mounted upon top of Jaxton’s difficult cock. The dragon dick was only the beginning for Pierce as Lance slides in from behind, DP’ing the bound hunk as he moans in ecstasy. Finally Pierce worships his new master’s foot before blowing his load all over it and licking up every drop.

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kidnapped and fucked

Chris Harder is having a rough day — separated from his hiking pack and low on water, he wanders through the woods hoping to find someone, anyone who could help him. But things are only going to get harder for Chris. He takes a fall and passes out in the middle of the woods and is found, unconscious, by wilderness survivalist Christian Wilde who has been hiding out in the woods to escape government surveillance. Christian doesn’t know what pretty boy Chris is doing in this neck of the woods, but he sure is going to find out. Chris awakens tied to a tree, facing interrogation by an unknown and angry man. Frantic to get free, Chris reiterates he’s just a lost hiker who doesn’t know anything, but Christian isn’t convinced. He slaps and flogs Chris all over his stomach and chest. He takes Chris’ cock out and begins to stroke, suck, and bite it. He pulls hard on Chris’ balls, stretching them as far as they’ll go. To his surprise, Chris’ cock gets rock hard after being beaten and manhandled. Maybe somewhere between pleasure and pain, Chris will start talking. Christian waterboards Chris and alternates between making him choke on water and making him choke on his beautiful big cock. Chris pants for air in between and all the while his cock stays hard. Since Chris isn’t talking, Christian decides it’s time to gag this little piggy. Now all Chris can do is moan around his gag as Christian fucks his tight asshole. Christian pounds that hungry hole as Chris squirms and struggles in bondage. Finally, Christian pumps Chris’ cock and lets Chris cum all over himself, before gathering his slop and feeding it to Chris. Christian’s thrusts intensify as he gets ready to cum, and he blows his load all over Chris’ cock and ass. Chris eats Christian’s cum greedily and is relieved that this trial is over. But Christian isn’t going to let Chris go just yet. It looks like Chris will be stuck in wild country for some time.

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Submissive Stud Casey Everett gets Tied Up and Machine Fucked by a God
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Hung God Dominic Pacifico and his pet plaything Casey Everett arrived on the set of Bound Gods hungry for adventure. This was Casey’s first time for a lot of things and his nervousness created a raw sexual tension that his real life lover devoured as soon as the camera started to roll. Clad in leather, Casey began his adventure by cowering at the boot heel of his stern taskmaster. He first worshiped the Dominic’s bronzed and toned muscles, devouring every drop of his sweat as if it was going to be his last meal. Hungry for more, Dominic jammed his thick rod down Casey’s throat and grew rock harder each time Casey gagged. With drool all over his pretty face and immaculate hair, Casey was then dragged across the room and tied to a post with tight and restrictive rope bondage. Dominic then began to toy with his pet, playfully slapping his cock and then sternly punishing his swollen ball sack. When his piece of meat was good and tenderized, Dominic then attacked him with an electric zapper, mercilessly probing every inch of Casey’s sensitive and smooth flesh. Once Casey was warmed up, Dominic suspended him in the air in complicated rope bondage so he could better access Casey’s tight asshole with a brutal Fuck-Saw. Dominic jammed the fucking machine in and out of Casey’s willing whore hole causing his dick to engorge with delight. The hungry butt slut couldn’t get enough. Casey then ends his day flipped over in a pile driver that allows his Dom to fuck his asshole. Dominic punishes Casey’s hole until his cock is bursting with a hot load of cum that he ejaculates all over Casey’s face. Once Dominic is finished using his submissive toy, he jerks him often until he cums with delight. Casey’s hard rod is stroked until his whole body is convulsing from the after orgasm cock stimulation. Casey Everett gets punished and machine fucked for the first time and loves it!!
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