bound gods how to make slaves suffer

Posted by Dominator at 23 March 2018

Category: BDSM BOYS

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Leather Daddy Dominic Pacifico knows exactly how to make slaves suffer, and he is not in a good mood today. His lucky captive today is beefcake Draven Navarro, and Dominic can’t wait to inflict some pain on his bitch. Draven is bound and helpless, his muscles flexing against the rope binding his chest and arms. Dominic is ready to give this beefy boy some pain and goes straight for Draven’s super sensitive nipples. His tugging has Draven screaming in pain, and he’s barely begun. Dominic slaps, canes, and flogs Draven all over his hard body, and typically the more pain Draven will take, the harder his penis gets. So Dominic groups together bamboo to lock lower on Draven’s balls, penis, and tongue, cutting away from the flow of blood and making Draven’s cock and balls added sensitive. Draven screams inside pain as Dominic canes his pinched cock in addition to balls. Dominic pushes Draven for the edge and Draven takes it all. Subsequent, Draven is bound in addition to suspended by way of a single rearfoot as Dominic fucks his / her mouth. Draven chokes since Dominic rams his penis down his throat. When he’s had enough regarding Draven’s wet mouth, Dominic breaks out your flogger. He or she hits Draven hard, all over his legs, feet, ass, and stomach. Finally, Dominic brings Draven down and gives him a reward – his dripping hard cock. Dominic pounds Draven’s ass, slamming his cock into Draven over and over again. Once he’s had his fill, Dominic blows a hot load all over Draven’s face and makes Draven clean it all up. Dominic then jacks Draven off and Draven explodes — cumming all over his stomach. But Dominic doesn’t stop, he keeps on rubbing Draven’s sensitive head as Draven struggles to get away and begs him to stop.



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