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Posted by Dominator at October 1, 2020

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The scene starts with the bottoms telling how they came to be in the room, then has them following orders from an unseen top to lick boots and feet, strip one another and tie up each other’s cocks and balls.

Promotional media: BOUNDANDGAGGED_001_thumb.png BOUNDANDGAGGED_007_thumb.png BOUNDANDGAGGED_014_thumb.png BOUNDANDGAGGED_002_thumb.png BOUNDANDGAGGED_015_thumb.png BOUNDANDGAGGED_008_thumb.png BOUNDANDGAGGED_004_thumb.png BOUNDANDGAGGED_012_thumb.png BOUNDANDGAGGED_003_thumb.png BOUNDANDGAGGED_010_thumb.png BOUNDANDGAGGED_013_thumb.png BOUNDANDGAGGED_005_thumb.png BOUNDANDGAGGED_011_thumb.png BOUNDANDGAGGED_006_thumb.png BOUNDANDGAGGED_009_thumb.png

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Everyone’s shopping at Mr. S Leather here in San Francisco as Randall O’Reilly crawls through the store searching for crotches to sniff. As Randall strips down to his underwear, the onlookers start whipping out their cocks for the young stud. The guys keep his mouth and hands busy as Randall’s made to service their cocks. In the center of the room, face down, ass up, Randall begs for someone to fuck his hole. The guys stuff their cocks into both of Randall’s holes before dragging his ass to the changing room. Bound to the bench, Randall helplessly takes cock after cock while the crowd spits on him. Randall is then dragged to the back of the store where the guys fuck him against the window for everyone on the street to see. Back in front of the store, everyone gathers around as Randall begs for cum like a greedy whore. The crowd finishes him off by blasting their loads all over his face before dragging him upstairs to the play space.

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