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Posted by Dominator at August 5, 2019

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Colby Tucker is again and on the mercy of director Sebastian Keys! He’s blindfolded and chained to the wall along with his fingers cuffed to his thighs. Wearing leather-based pants, a black tee, and heavy black boots, Sebastian arrives able to see what this powerful slut can take. He slaps Colby’s lovely chest, and punches Colby’s abdomen. Colby grunts with the influence, his torso turning a rosy crimson underneath Sebastian’s masterful fingers. Next, Sebastian adorns his chest with clothespins. Colby squirms as Sebastian runs his fingers alongside them and flicks them up and down. Sebastian now tends to Colby’s rock onerous cock. He smacks it, and Colby yelps in ache. Colby tries to shut his legs, however Sebastian instructions him to maintain them open or else he’ll earn extra smacks for disobedience. Next, Colby is suspended from all 4 of his limbs. Sebastian spanks and flogs his tight ass, taking time in between hits to style it. Colby moans as Sebastian’s moist mouth closes round his asshole. As his beating continues, Colby tries to drag himself as much as keep away from the hits, however there’s nowhere to go. Then he is placed on his knees to service his Master. He swallows Sebastian’s cock, worshiping each inch. Sebastian pulls out the violet wand and runs it alongside Colby’s chest. Colby shivers as the electrical wand rakes throughout his pores and skin and makes its method to his asshole. He moans as Sebastian pushes it and fucks him with it. Next, Colby is put in steel and cord bondage as Sebastian fucks him. Unable to maneuver, Colby moans as Sebastian plunders his tight gap earlier than blowing his load throughout his ass. Unable to withstand, Sebastian licks his cum off his boy’s excellent backside. Finally, Colby blows his load throughout Sebastian’s leather-based boots and licks all of it up.