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Fresh-faced Tobias is stripped all the way down to his boxer briefs in bondage. Leather god Michael Roman arrives decked his leathers able to see what his new slave can take, however Tobias has a wise mouth is not going to submit simply. Michael is hungry to see the smug grin cleaned off his slave’s face and tells Tobias he can faucet out any time. Tobias stays defiant as Michael begins hitting him with a leather-based slapper. Each smack stings and Tobias struggles in bondage as Michael targets his chest, biceps, ass, and thighs. Each hit falls tougher than the final, however Tobias nonetheless unwilling to submit. Michael rips off Tobias’ boxer briefs and slaps his laborious cock round earlier than tying it up and pulling on it laborious as he settles on his throne. Tobias is on his tip toes as he struggles to take care of his stability and cries out as Michael continues to hit him. Next, Tobias is tied on his fingers and knees along with his head close to the Michael’s boots. His cock is locked away in a steel cock cage. Michael brings the flogger down on his ass again and again till it is a brilliant crimson. Tobias takes each hit, crying out as his tender flesh is struck. There isn’t any escaping his Master. Michael brings Tobias to his knees and has him worship his rock laborious cock. Tobias struggles to take each inch as Michael fucks his face. Then Tobias is put in bondage on the leather-based wheel. Michael drips sizzling wax all throughout Tobias’ arms earlier than hoisting his legs up and driving his cock into Tobias’ tight ass. Tobias cries out as Michael relentlessly fucks his gap. Finally, Tobias is put again on his fingers and knees and will get his Master’s fats load throughout his face. He’s ordered to cum on the ground and his Master pushes his face into his personal mess.