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Bound by metallic, Zak Bishop waits for leather-based daddy Colby Jansen in darkness. Colby enters, able to play along with his new boy. He kisses Zak savagely, spits in his mouth, and licks his face, tasting his anticipation. Quivering and blindfolded, all Zak can do is take what’s given to him. Colby rips off Zak’s shirt, revealing toned muscle and flesh. He crops Zak throughout chest, paying particular consideration to his nipples. Zak worships his daddy’s crop, licking the nice and cozy leather-based liable for turning his pores and skin a vivid pink. Colby exposes Zak’s massive cock, and slaps it round as Zak shakes in bondage, unable to protect his delicate meat. He attaches a ball parachute to Zak’s balls and hooks it as much as a rigged pulley system. At the opposite finish of the pulley is a bucket that Colby provides weights to. With every extra weight, Zak’s balls are stretched increasingly more. Zak’s complete physique quivers with rigidity as he struggles to alleviate the stress. But Colby doesn’t make it simple. He tastes his boy’s scrumptious cock after which flogs Colby’s chest. Next, Zak is restrained on his knees. Colby makes use of the cane on Zak’s tender ass, leaving good pink stripes throughout his backside. As Zak’s begins to react, Colby makes use of his dick to close Zak up. He pushes Zak’s head up and down on his cock, as he continues to cane Zak. Trapped between a rock laborious daddy dick and a cane, Zak is hopelessly turned on. His drool coats Colby’s dick. Colby grabs a flogger and continues to tenderize Zak’s flesh, beating his again and his delicate toes. Finally, Zak is put and restrained on his again. Colby drips sizzling wax throughout Zak’s chest, arms, stomach, toes, cock, and tongue. Zak sucks Colby’s cock as Colby alternates between dripping wax and beating it off. Then Colby lastly provides his boy what he is been craving — a great laborious fuck from daddy. He pummels Zak’s asshole as Zak cries out in pleasure. Zak’s been such a great boy all day, Colby rewards him by cumming throughout his cock and ass.