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Posted by Dominator at March 14, 2019

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Trenton Ducati seems over his new, ungrateful plaything writhing on the ground, fully wrapped in thick black plastic. This little fucker tried to get away from his clutches! He decides to unwrap his current, revealing a terrified Wesley Woods, sure at his wrists and ankles. Trenton expects absolute obedience from Wesley, fucking his face and pulling his balls to the sky as an illustration. Of course, Trenton is a humane tormentor, so he drags a chain-leashed Wesley to a disgusting rest room for a bathroom break. Trembling as he urinates, Wesley wets the sting of the bathroom bowl. Trenton punishes the captive stud with a hornets nest of hits from the crop. He bends Wesley over the bowl and makes Wesley use his tongue to scrub up the mess. Wesley submits to the humiliation and learns to understand his masters self-discipline as Trenton rains down flog after flog. Wesley goes face-down, ass-up for Trenton’s huge cock and a takes a gallon of cum throughout his face. He’ll by no means attempt to run away once more.