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It’s darkish, and Tommy Regan cannot transfer. Heavy straps hold him bolted to a chair in some God-knows-where place. Occupational hazard for a spy. Suddenly, vivid lights wash into his eyes because the hood over his head rips off. As he regains his bearings, he realizes that some intelligence officer, Damien Michaels, has him as prisoner. Damien spares no pleasantries and will get straight to the interrogation, punching Tommy’s bulging pecs and twisting his nipples uncooked. The dangerous cop routine is not getting Damien what he needs, so he flips the method and edges Tommy’s cock to get the intel. Now that Damien received what he needs, he retains Tommy round for enjoyable, suspending his arms above his head and flogging his onerous physique uncooked, solely interrupting the torment to make Tommy gag on his dick. Damien takes Tommy deeper into the black web site, chaining him from the ceiling in a sleep sack and becoming his dick with electrodes. Tommy reels below the ache from the electrical energy, submitting absolutely to his captor. Damien retains Tommy slung from the ceiling as he fucks him relentlessly. Damien milks a load from his captive earlier than protecting his ass in cum. Tommy sways within the air, defeated and damaged because the cum drips down from his physique.Van’s Note: I had an estim pad under every of Tommy’s nipple below the sleepsack. That would full the circuit for every estim nipple clamps. I could not get the rattling factor to work so I did not trouble to open the sleepsack to disclose the pads and determined to go away every thing on as ornament. I used to be going to debate it within the submit interview. It was such a protracted day and I merely forgot. Sincerely, Van