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No escape. No exit. Seamus O’Reilly paces his cell. Time not means Monday, Tuesday, one o’clock, two o’clock. In this cell, time warps right into a hellish everlasting void solely punctuated by the visits of merciless guards. Mr Marx is a wannabe police officer. “Officer Marx” arrives to interrupt Seamus’ trance. Before he can eat, Seamus is aware of he should service his guard. Officer Marx thrusts his arduous cock into Seamus’ mouth and shoves the prisoner down to scrub his boots. He chains Seamus to the wall and punishes him with a flogger. Each strike solely makes the guard’s cock tougher. Officer Marx loves his job. From the consolation of his plush mattress, he watches the cell safety feed with a stiff dick in hand. Seamus’ desperation drives Marx wild as he jerks off. At evening, Marx returns to the cell with ropes and a mattress. He rewards Seamus’ good habits with a hogtied fucking. As Officer Marx plows into his prisoner, he milks a load from the pathetic whore. Seamus catches his breath and receives the privilege of Officer Marx’s sizzling cum shot into his mouth. Marx unwraps Seamus and leaves the cell. Alone once more. No escape. No exit.