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Posted by Dominator at 19 October 2018

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Mandsperson Herst is alone in the pigsty of an house, minding his own enterprise, trying to get several sleep. His slumber is usually interrupted when a missionary, Elder O’Reilly, comes bumping in the door asking to be able to use the product. The inflammed slob lets him employ the phone but since shortly as Elder O’Reilly starts off preaching, that’s when Mandsperson has had enough. He or she throws the poor young man upon the couch in addition to binds his hands just before tearing away his outfits. After tasting Elder O’Reilly’s sweet hole, Adam whips out his hard cock and fucks the boy as he screams for mercy. Adam strips the boy completely and beats him red with a belt. The missionary’s screams only make Adam’s cock harder. Tied down to the bed, Elder O’Reilly endures hot wax poured all over his body before Adam turns him around and fucks his tight hole without mercy. After giving Elder O’Reilly a face-full of cum, Adam milks the boy’s cock and makes him lick up his own load.