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Tanner Wayne is driving down the highway when he notices Hayden Richards hitchhiking. Tanner picks up the recent stud. Unfortunately for Tanner, Hayden is disoriented from the struggle and believes Tanner is an enemy soldier that has been monitoring him down. Tanner finds himself certain and hooded together with his cock uncovered as he hears Hayden’s footsteps approaching. Hayden begins interrogating the boy, demanding why Tanner was following him. When Tanner tries to clarify the misunderstanding, that solely makes Hayden angrier. He clamps down Tanner’s nipples and covers his balls with clothespins. Exhausted from his interrogation Tanner goals he is held down by mysterious palms as Hayden shoves his cock down Tanner’s throat. Later in his dream, a certain Tanner finds his wings of want. Hayden breaks free from his angelic wings and begins fucking Tanner’s gap. Hayden then stretches Tanner’s gap utilizing massive toys to organize him for Hayden’s fist. Pleased, The Fisting Angel fucks Tanner’s ass once more earlier than showering Tanner’s face in cum.