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Dirk Caber brings Damien Moreau to his play house and shoves the boy’s face into his armpit. Neither one keen to submit, Dirk and Damien trip to find out who’s precisely in management. Dirk overpowers the boy and grabs Damien’s palms, locking them up above his head. Mr Caber kneels all the way down to Damien’s rock arduous cock and bites down on it as Damien screams for mercy. He’s then delivered to his knees for Dirk to show him a lesson in how you can suck cock. Damien swallows his grasp’s cock as Dirk beats the boy down into submission. Suspended within the air, Damien swings forwards and backwards as Dirk pulls him by the balls earlier than bringing him all the way down to cock sucking peak. He shoves his arduous cock down the boy’s throat earlier than shoving an electrical butt plug up Damien’s ass with electrodes caught to his thighs. Damien’s arduous cock throbs as electrical energy surges by him as he is let down and chained to the wall for a flogging. The boy’s screams fill the room as Dirk beats him entrance to again with the flogger. Chained down on the mattress with a ball gag in his mouth, Damien’s gap is introduced for Dirk’s arduous cock. He fucks Damien arduous within the ass earlier than spraying his cum all around the boy’s face and having him suck it clear.