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Starving Daddy Fucks Younger Muscled Pain Slut

It’s a slow night at the bar and cute bartender Connor Patricks only has one patron to serve, the handsome Dirk Caber. It’s Dirk’s first time in Vegas and he’s not opposed to making a couple bets. Once Dirk convinces Connor to play a round of strip pool, Dirk knows he’s in for a fun night in the City of Sin! Dirk easily sinks his balls, costing Connor his shirt and belt. When it comes time to take off his pants, Connor tries to back out. But Dirk isn’t having it. He manhandles Connor, ignoring his protests, in addition to feels him up, not necessarily in the least little surprised to find of which Connor contains a huge misstepmuddle, muff, oversight, screw-up, slipup, snafu, whoops. Dirk puts Connor inside a blindfold, collar, in addition to cuffs. Connor struggles, window blind and bound, against Dirk’s hard body, but your dog is no match for your more mature man. Dirk bends Connor over the pool stand and gives him a new good spanking. Connor carries on to struggle as D brings out the pointer and zaps Connor across his tender ass. Connor is a tough soreness slut and Dirk loves watching him struggle. Any time Dirk moves to move Connor’s tongue, Connor offers in and calls D what he’s been privately wanting to for hours : Daddy. Dirk grins in addition to rewards Connor along with his excess fat cock. Next Connor is usually bound laying on to the floor regarding his own bar. D loves beating his young man, and flogs Connor across his butt and again. Dirk eats Connor’s rear end as Connor struggles inside bondage. Dirk sucks Connor’s cock too, before screwing Connor’s face. Finally, Connor is covered with measured clamps. Dirk fucks his / her boy hard as Connor sits astride him. Connor begs for a very good hard pounding from his / her Daddy’s dick, and D provides it with to him. When Connor is lost inside pleasure, Dirk starts getting rid of the clamps. Connor yells in pain as they will come off and D plays with the reddish sensitive skin now missing of clamps. Then D bends Connor over typically the pool table for a new good hard final screwing. Connor loves being rammed by his Daddy’s huge hard cock. When D is ready to appear, he pushes Connor for the floor and jerks off all over Connor’s face. Connor eagerly cleans off his Daddy’s cock. Connor’s own balls are full of come and he shoots his fat load as his Daddy jerks him off.